Bolier offers a select portfolio of classic forms inspired by traditional fine furniture and shaped by contemporary lifestyles. Each piece reflects a dedication to design, materials and authentic craftsmanship and is created to be of lasting value, and timeless design.

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BARBARA BARRY - Barbara Barry is among the world's most prominent and talented designers. Her name stands for a unique blend of sophistication and livability; her designs are classic, timeless and fluid. Her's is a look that speaks to the elegance of form and simplicity of line.

LAURA KIRAR - Laura Kirar is the founder and creative director of Laura Kirar*TRU Design. Her collection focuses on creating elegant, innovative interiors and product for the home with timeless sensibility. Laura has shaped the design of an array of interesting projects - from high-end residences to award-winning commercial interiors of restaurants, showrooms and hotels. She is a designer with the soul of an artist. In fact her passion for artistic exploration in numerous mediums has continued to infuse her work with originality and thoughtful attention to detail.

THOMAS PHEASANT - The designs by Washington, D.C.-based Thomas Pheasant reflect a new traditionalism. His inspiration combines classic forms, modernistic touches, and visual relief based in Greek, Chinese, and Italian architectural elements. Each piece is crafted from highly figured mahogany, and finished in rich glossy hues. The Thomas Pheasant Collection is a multifaceted collection line that includes a mix of living, dining, and bedroom pieces, occasional chairs, cocktail and occasional tables, upholstered pieces, accessories, and textiles. The forms are refined, with each decorative element chosen with an eye for classical beauty.

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Fendi Casa

Fendi is a name that needs no special introduction.Fendi Casa is based on simple yet startling design with clear lines leaving enough space for fantasy and suggestive soft elegance.Perfection in every detail lets Fendi Casa literally dress any house or apartment from head to toe. Fendi Casa inspires at the first glance. You can read about it yet nothing compares to living with it.

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KENO BROS - The "Keno Bros." collection takes its inspiration from earlier periods like the 18th Century. The brothers have shed the weight of earlier eras without sacrificing a single delectable curve. The serpentine curve is the focus of their furniture pieces. Inspired by a detailed study of the history of art they have taken elements from famous sculptures and paintings to embellish their line of furniture. KALAHARI-Inspired by the luggage of the Golden Age of Travel in the 1920s, the Kalahari collection embraces a finishing technique that mimics crocodile hide. This chic design pattern utilizes a highly tactile surface. Materials such as stainless steel, leather, and rare veneers come together to create special one-of-a-kind designs with a contemporary edge. Realize a new and mesmerizing style in your home with the Kalahari collection.

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Visionnaire by Ipe Cavalli

Visionnaire is an Italian furniture brand which has led the international trends for the last six years. Already distributed in over sixty countries, the brand is considered as a benchmark in the international interior design industry for its innovative, stylish and glamorous collections. Designed by internationally acclaimed designers like Samuele Mazza, Alessandro La Spada, Roberto Tapinassi, Roberto Lazzeroni, Simone Micheli, Visionnaire as a brand has truly reached the pinnacle in its category. Visionnaire is a mix of many materials and various styles and constantly offers new and sensational designs.

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