How does it Work ?

100% Automatic Google Cloud Backup

One-click Simple Install ! No Manual Backups. Auto-Pilot mode

In 2012, the idea of a Cloud storage was conceived by OVERTURES Infotech. In order to ensure, the cutting edge technology and scalability of the product Google Cloud Platform was partnered to manage the cloud storage aspect.

The project was successfully launched in April 2015 for a full public release and has been tested across 35 large business organizations in Florida, London, New York, Mumbai , Delhi, Dublin & Munich.

OVERTURES Cloud is an amalgamation of various online cloud platforms into one consolidated Cloud app. The proprietary technology called 'CloudBox' a virtual Hard Disk on your computer is the unique selling point of the product.


Step 1 : Basic Installation
Install OVERTURES Google Cloud Software (Windows / Mac) on your system

Step 2: Map Folders
Select Folders (one-time) which you want to put on Google Cloud

Step 3: Let the magic begin..
Voila ! you have done your bit. Now our Cloud software will keep uploading data in the background on Google Cloud Infrastructure
If a new file is created or an existing file is changed, it will instantly put it on the cloud.

Remember ! Google Cloud stacks upto 30 versions of each file on the Cloud.
So you can go back in time and retrieve a specific version of the file.


What's different about OVERTURES Google Cloud Platform?

Why are we different from the traditional Clouds

INTELLICATE": A unique technology that does not duplicate content from same organization

For eg: There are 3 users and in their personal folder they all have a video file 'companyvideo.mp4' which is 100GB. In a regular backup scenario when each employee will copy its own backup it will be transferred 3 times from every single source to destination.

This will use extreme usage of bandwidth and also is a waste of time. With 'Intellicate' our software transfers the file only for the first time to Google Cloud, when the second user is transferring the file again from his folder, our cloud intelligently detects that this is a duplicate file and instead of transferring the entire data again, it only creates a mirror of the original file. We have tested this method for over 15,000 file transfers with 'ZERO' failure. This was developed when we came across employees in large organizations having similar company data on their computers. Imagine the time and bandwidth saved when your Organization grows the way you expect it to be.


This is our first ! CloudBox is an integrated add-on which comes as an add-on with OVERTURES Cloud License. It creates another Hard Disk on your PC, the only difference it is not a Hard Disk, its a Google Cloud Disk. All data stored on this Drive is replicated across all users (Same HardDrive is created across all computers) who are connected on cloud with your organization (refer our White paper).

This helps in Data Collaboration


Our main concern while developing the Cloud system was always clients 'Security', hence, we partnered with Google Cloud Platform that uses a 256-bit C3 encryption technology which transfers files from your PC to the cloud in a complete encrypted environment. These files cannot be accessed even by our technicians on the cloud.
There are only 2 ways of retrieving these files, first being through our disaster recovery software and second is your company portal. For both instances it needs your password. Our system has been certified by Florida State University Information Technology Service during their annual convention in January 2014.


Share files & folders from your own portal with Customers or Employees. Say Goodbye ! to Wetransfer, SendBigFile etc. With OVERTURES Cloud, you can share files in just a few clicks without even uploading it. These files can be shared publicly or privately with a specific user giving him his own login credentials for those set of files. In some plans we can even customize the Sharing Portal to match your company brand.