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Behind the scenes of our Cloud

OVERTURES Google Cloud is a product developed by a team of Engineers from across 3 countries

In 2012, the idea of a Cloud storage was conceived by OVERTURES Infotech. In order to ensure, the cutting edge technology and scalability of the product an international team was formed to design and deploy the cloud system. Google Cloud Platform was setup for Cloud Storage.

The project was successfully launched in April 2015 for a full public release and has been tested across 35 large business organizations in Florida, London, New York, Mumbai , Delhi, Dublin & Munich.

OVERTURES Google Cloud is an amalgamation of various online cloud platforms into one consolidated Cloud app. The proprietary technology called 'CloudBox' a virtual Hard Disk on your computer is the unique selling point of the product.

Our Cloud over the years !

Birth of the idea of a robust 'Cloud' System
Idea was kept under wraps and a team of 5 Engineers from 3 different countries started on the Development
From mid 2014 to late 2015 the product was deployed across 7 countries in corporations size ranging from 50-150 computers. Over 2 million files were transferred and stored on secure Google Cloud Infrastructure.
After completing the strategic partner setup in USA & UK , OVERTURES Cloud was officially released in April 2015 through a B2B model. 2016 has been planned to promote the product in the Middle East and Southern Asian Countries.

Cloud way in the future..

Partner Distribution Network 88%

60% Complete

SME Distribution 78%

Middle East Alliance 82%

B2C Penetration 72%

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