Fasten your seat belts and speed to the Prize of Rs 52,000/- the biggest Car Treasure Hunt Prize in Mumbai.

There is No Age restriction, however each team must comprise of  maximum 3 members.

The event would start on the morning of 31st March 2013 , Sunday at Mazgaon and would last for close to 4 hours with car's to solve a set of clues spread across South Mumbai.

Each car would be handed out a Meal-box comprising of sumptous Breakfast and Lunch. If you register before 10th March 2013, you are entitled for Petrol Vouchers, First-Aid Car Kits and Refreshment Kits.

What is different about this Scavenger2013-Car Treasure Hunt ?
Unlike any other Car Treasure Hunt , Scavenger2013 would have no manual intervention. All clues on all check points would be communicated via a sophisticated 2-way SMS Technology. All you need is a basic Mobile Handset with SMS Facility.

Other Highlights of the event are:


3 Players in a Team


South Mumbai


Free Merchandise !

Min. 2 and Max. 3
Open for all Genders
Solve Clues over South Mumbai
Breakfast , Lunch, Custom
Team T-shirts & Caps


SMS Clues


Live Screens


Biggest Cash Reward

The entire route would
work on Mobile Automation.
Mega-screens would be arranged at the Base Camp for Live view.
Biggest Prize...

Final Rules and Regulations of the Event would be published in this section on 24th March 2013.

  1. Each team would consist of minimum 2 and maximum 3 members (Open for all Genders and Age)
  2. Each team needs to have their own Car which needs to be pre-registered with the Management
  3. The event is open for all genders and age
  4. Base Camp for the event would be Mazgaon
  5. All Cars would need to travel close to 25 Kms around South Mumbai spanning 10 check points
  6. At each check point a clue would be sent via 2-way Communicated Automated SMS, which would contain information for the next check point.
  7. Each car has to register 1 mobile number for this Automated Communication system
  8. The car that completes all 10 clues and returns to the base camp first (with maximum points) would be declared the winner
  9. You also have to collect Souvenirs from any 5 check points. This will be counted as your bonus points.
  10. Each time would have a different Route Map of 10 check points
  11. Points system for each clue would be explained on the day of the event
  12. No manual clues would be delivered at any check point and entire points tally would work on a real time automated basis
  13. Registration close on 20th March 2013

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